Why so different Japanese hair colour?

(because the Galapagos contains many endemic species) Galapagosization; widespread design of Japanese products (e.g. cell phones) specifically for the domestic market, which are therefore unsuccessful overseas and also vulnerable to competition from imports.

Japanese Hair Colour Theory, this is one of Galapagosization.

I was educated hairdressing in both country Japan and Australia. I noticed so different Japanese hair colour product vs almost all developed country.

Most basic chapter is “level scale”, most of Japanese have 4 level in Japanese theory, but in world wide’s theory  is 1 level for Japanese hair.

On another way, very light blond hair is 10 level in WW’s theory. However in Japanese theory is that is for 15 or 16 level.


This is a colour chart in Japanese theory. colourchart1.jpg

And, this is World Wide Colour chart. Almost all country uses this. colourchart11.jpg

I do not know why ONLY japanese does not use this.

Obviously, both does not much up…

WW         10    9   8   7   6   5  4  3  2  1
JPN 15  14  13  12  11 10  9  8  7  6  5

When I studied in Hairdressing collage in Australia, my teacher was a colourist from London. She said to me “Which level your hair, Yasu?” I answered “It’s 4 level”. She said ” yours is level one”. I was so confuse, I learnt hair colour in colourist course in Japan, my hair is level 4….

So, I was so interested in what the different Japanese and WW colour theory. And was studying very hard… Now I have got both of colour theories !!

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